Disinfecting the “Digital Clutter”

Some people like to call it “bathing in the natural world.”  For the uninitiated, this is all about getting away from all your tech devices, handheld or otherwise, and learning to unplug and recharge with nature.  What an interesting and very human thing to do (at least we used to think so!).  Find your favorite forest and dive right in.  Preferably on some nice sunny day any time of the year, and I guess even winter, if you don’t get snow bound in some northern forest. 

I am thinking that this almost sounds like a desire for a spiritual experience that will help us survive in the digital world.   Some complain that technology has become incessant, invasive, and impossible to turn off, but the fact remains that we can do just that.  What was life really like before we had all this digital power?  I am old enough to remember, and I don’t think it was that much different, but don’t let me be the judge.  I was never an “up to the minute” person.

Many are concerned that the omnipresent technology is taking control of their lives.  The forest bathing experience seems to humble many people in the realization of what little control they actually have in the face of “real” world.

Ray Myers