Live-streaming apps – More Than You Really Need or Want

Now for those of you who like to watch real-time video of rapes, suicides and murders, this blog is very much written to cramp your “style.”  I suggest you find some other healthy pastimes to fill your idle hours, and if you cannot, go get some real mental health help.  Unfortunately, if you truly do have such an obsession, I am sure you have already found where you can get your fill of such content on some of our most popular “social media” sites.  And to make your quest even easier, they are literally at your finger tips as live-stream apps downloaded to whatever handy device you may choose.  

As I mentioned in a blog last week, there are some “human” efforts to monitor social media in the advertisement and sale of guns on the Internet.  Unfortunately to date it is a very labor-intensive effort requiring constant surveillance by concerned citizens who volunteer their time and energy to “watchdog” this market.  In the case of scanning video for for inappropriate content, artificial intelligence (AI) may be the answer to identifying and removing such content in a more efficient way.  Software has already been developed that can easily be used to weed out pornography or violence. And the speed of AI’s recognition give it a huge leg up on human monitors.

Perhaps the biggest challenge in monitoring inappropriate content is that it’s all in the “eye of the beholder” as suggested by one privacy expert.  But let’s not fall for that old bromide.  Rape, suicide, murder?

Ray Myers