Click Away Thanks to W3C and Tim Berners-Lee

Well maybe Tim Berners-Lee really did invent the Internet after all.  Sorry Al Gore, but it looks like Mr. Beeners-Lee may become the most famous and richest early Internet pioneer.  At least you still have that Nobel Peace Prize for “An Inconvenient Truth.”  But enough about ancient history, let’s talk about 1-Click online shopping.  Berners-Lee and hundreds of millions online shoppers have successfully lobbied the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to streamline online payments.  A concept, I am sure, that we will all come to love.  Particularly if you enjoy staying home, and/or spend all or most of your day online wherever you are.

More than half of online purchases now happen on mobile phones, and many more would probably happen if the online checkout process was simplified.  Only forty percent of the customers who start filling a shopping cart online finish their transactions.  The W3C has managed to bring in about forty of the biggest players in online commerce.  PayPal and Amazon are two of the most notable holdouts.  Both have gained business and fees with more streamlined checkout processes.  Same old story: no one wants to wait in the checkout line whether online or in the store.

In this brave new world, your fingers will truly do the “walking,” as they used to say in the old Yellow Pages ads.  Only you will not have to “walk” very far.  Just 1-Click away.

Ray Myers