No Time for TV – Learn to Speed View

Now many of you may already be speed readers, but have you ever tried speed viewing?  I guess it’s all about how many hours you have in a given day to take some time to just read a book or watch something of interest on TV.  You can even try speed listening – taking in a broadcasts or podcasts at accelerated speeds, sometimes two times as fast as normal.  Thanks to technological advances, TV viewers now have the option to watch their favorite shows in real time, or choose to speed view, i.e., high speed playback of recorded programs.  Some critics of this practice worry that such viewers are only getting “diluted creative elements” of their TV watching.  And many warn that “gorging” on TV programming at accelerated speeds is like overeating.

“It is like eating twice as many meals as normal to avoid missing any culinary treats.   Sure, you might actually be consuming more, but you’re probably having a worse, more grotesque experience.  And you’re certainly not doing it in a way that the chef intended.  Lost are the elements of dramatic or comedic timing and intentional silences.  It becomes a fundamentally different experince that disregards what the creator intended,” when viewed at accelerated speed (Chen,

So timing may be everything after all.  Only in this case, the consumer of the content controls the timing of what he is watching or listening to, regardless of what its creator intended.  I wonder what Shakespeare would do if he were here today?

Ray Myers


Movies on the Move Digitally

I don’t go to the movies that often.  And now with all of our digital wizardry we will be able to see new releases on our own personal devices much sooner than we ever thought possible, if the movie industry agrees.  Why go to the movie theaters at all?  It use to be a great place to take a date (maybe some of you remember?)

It the movie companies all agree, which they have not, we may have made “going to the movies” a thing of the past, making it a more personal, individual experience, like reading a book, digitally or the old-fashioned printed page way.  Take your pick, but it seems that everything is moving in a “faster is better” way.  At the same time, there are so many more ways to access any information or entertainment you want at any time.  OstensIbly, this will make  everything fit into your busy and busier daily schedules more easily.  But how much more do you want, and how much time do you have?

For a more “senior” person like me, more time is certainly available, and I have the freedom to control the amount of time spent in the digital and real worlds.  But with so many more digital devices easily available, it can become so much easier to live life exclusively digitally.  Unfortunately of you do, you may miss having a real life that can combine the best aspects of both.

Ray Myers