Analog Fever in the Digital World

Got to have those 45s!  This phenomenon appears to be more than a nostalgic whim. but I am sure that it plays some part.  Some say that the marginalization of the physical (e.g., 45 rpm records) has propelled it into the realm of luxury.  But perhaps the biggest irony is that the best place to locate and buy analog items is online.  Maybe it really doesn’t matter how you get it, so much as it is the ownership of something that is both sensual and symbolic.  It’s reviving an old fashioned consumer experience: you are the “owner” of the latest from a favorite musician, author, film maker, and so on. 

At the same time, analog fever does not function in opposition to digital dominance, but in concert with it.  YouTube video clips actually show analog social media devices that may be of interest to viewers.  No more streaming if that’s not for you.  You get to own what you like, and control its access as you determine best.  And this is now called a “luxury” that we had lost in the digital world.

I’m old enough now to have lived in both the analog and digital worlds.  I guess it’s all about ownership, independence, and prized possessions.  Maybe it’s like handing or texting someone a reading list of favorite books as opposed to actually sharing the books themselves?

Ray Myers