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U.S. Congressional Election Results, 2018

Ray Myers


The King of Twitter Insults – America’s Next President?

Whoever thought that Twitter would become a powerful political tool in the social media battle for the hearts and minds of the American public.  Build up those followers and start firing away.  You can do it any time of the night or day, and never have to worry about whether it is accurate, libelous or slanderous (maybe there are some legal limits?). But maybe you don’t even care or worry about such “subtleties” if you are the Donald.  Just take a look at this past Monday’s New York Times if you would like to get a flavor of his favorite targets and topics over the past seventeen months.  Please don’t expect to be enlightened about current events and world affairs.  These little tidbits take direct aim at his political enemies or anyone else who may be getting in his line of fire.

No one seems to be firing back in this Twitter battle.  The Donald has taken the high ground (some may call it “low”) in freely attacking whomever he chooses.  So after he dispensed with all his Republican rivals from June 2015 through April 2016, he has now taken almost exclusive aim at Hillary Clinton as his primary target.  But even in doing this, he has apparently not chosen to hone his assaults in a more factual way.  Why even try?  I guess he figures that he has fooled most of the people most of the time, so now he can fool all the people all the time.  In the coming weeks we will all have to figure out who is fooling whom.  Don’t believe everything you read on Twitter!  It is not designed or never was intended for political discourse.

Take a look at Monday’s New York Times.  On two full pages of the “A” section are just some of his tweets over the past seventeen months.  Retweets are not included, nor are any other insults made outside Twitter, such as on television, in speechs or in public interviews.  I just wonder (dread) to think what a Trump State of the Union Address would be like.  Scary, huh, and it’s not even Halloween.

Ray Myers