African Knowledge Exchange (AKE)

How do we help prepare our youth to become more engaged participants in an increasingly globalized economy.  One pioneering group in Africa is seeking to empower their young citizens with the digital skills needed to succeed in the twenty-first century.  The organization is known as GESCI based in Nairobi, Kenya.  Their African Knowledge Exchange (AKE) is addressing this challenge.

“In today’s world, the changes to which education and training need to respond include globalisation and the demands for new and emerging skills required by knowledge-based economies and new media production and services. These new skills incorporate the extensive use of digital technologies which are changing many existing sectors and enabling the emergence and proliferation of new industries and digitally-based services.  The Global–Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI), an international NGO founded by the United Nations in 2003, is pioneering an innovative training and enterprise program model combining culture and digital media technology dubbed ‘African Knowledge Exchange (AKE) – ‘A Creative Media Venture’.  Participants develop industry- standard digital media production skills and acquire and apply their entrepreneurial skills to set up small enterprises in the cultural industries arena. The creation of small start-ups is an integral part of the program as well as a range of supports for their development and sustainability in the digital creative media sector.  The program addresses the changing global jobs and employment contexts driven by new technologies in the contexts of growing youth unemployment which is particularly affecting youth.”

Please visit their website to learn more about this exciting work:

Ray Myers