Search Around the Clock – Big Data, Big Brother?

So maybe this is what Big Data is all about.  Now we know how much time people spend online and when they are doing it!  Somehow it reminds me of Big Brother?  If we are the “searchers” we may unwittingly become the objects of someone else’s searches?  And to that end we already have some international comparisons of what people might be doing over their lunch times.

Not so much in the United States, but some patterns appear in other countries.  In Britain, people catch up on the news.  In Japan, there is a noticeable rise in travel planning.  In Belgium, it’s anything shopping related.  Just a word of warning that may be obvious wherever you may be, you will probably be more prone to lapses and forgetfulness when you are searching online after midnight.  Maybe it’s time to go to bed?

I am not one to hand out unsolicited advice, but I can’t pass this one up.  Go to bed, get some rest.  As someone remarked to me, they somehow felt that the computer was “sucking their life away.”  And besides that, Big Brother/Big Data may be watching.

Ray Myers