Everything’s Up-to-Date in Kansas City?

Here’s the news: AT&T has offered discounts to its Gigapower high-speed home Internet customers who allowed the company to monitor their behavior.  Now it will offer the lower price without tracking.  So if I understand this pricing change correctly, you will now pay less to maintain your privacy.  What a concept!  But maybe I am not being fair.  I will let you be the judge.  

As reported in the Kansas City Star last week, AT&T has explained the their new pricing policy in the following way: “The company will dump that tracking and charge anybody who buys its Gigapower level connection $70 per month for a connection to the Kansas City market.  So customers who took the privacy-light discounted service will no longer see AT&T watch what they watch.  Those who paid a premium to keep their behavior secret will see their rates drop $30 a month.”  If I understand this all correctly, if you paid more to protect your privacy initially, you will recive a bigger rebate because wants you to feel better about having paid them so much more in the past?  What price privacy?

I just don’t know.  Good intentions gone bad.  Or perhaps consumers are getting more skeptical about how much personal information they want shared on the Internet.

Ray Myers