Nepal Recovery Effort Challenges

Last week I posted the disastrous news about the earthquake in Nepal.   I think it will be a long recovery period for the Nepalese struggling there.  Unfortunately, the irony of such an overwhelming immediate response by the world community is that too much arrives too soon.  Some of the latest reports cite many of the massive relief efforts as clogging up the minimal capacities of the Kathmandu airport to handle such an influx of humanitarian aid.   It will take long term persistence and perseverance in order to restore some semblance of the tranquil life the Nepalese once had.

Let us continue to be mindful of the human needs there and remain committed to supporting this brave nation’s resilience and recovery.

Ray Myers


Connect to Nepal Relief

Tragedy stikes Nepal as a huge earthquake and its deadly aftershocks continue to wreck havoc on the citizens of this picturesque country at the foot of the Himalayas. Various countries and non-governmental agencies are already rallying to Nepal’s rescue. We can easily use the technology readily available to us to help in some way.

Use your technology to connect and express your concern. Please go online to see what you can do. Thank you.

Ray Myers