Look, Up in the Sky – It’s a Pigeon with LED Lights!

Unfortunately, you will not be able to see this sight unless you live in the New York City area, particularly Brooklyn, where you will be able to see these flocks of pigeons on weekend nights this spring.  This vernal event is entitled “Fly by Night.”  We can also call it “pigeon performance art.”  The LED lights are wrapped around the pigeons’ legs like the bands that are used to carry messages.  The show is free although spaces in the Brooklyn Navy Yard must be reserved.

A century ago, one of the United States military’s largest pigeon coops was at Cob Dock, an island that was part of the Navy Yard.  From there, homing pigeons were loaded onto Navy vessels from which they were sent out to relay military communications.  Most Americans are not aware of the important role that these pigeons played in U.S. wartime history.

Meredith Johnson, the curator for this “performance art” event wants to bring these pigeons out of the shadows and make visible this history that people don’t think of when they see a pigeon in the park.  And those LED lights will show you where they are in the New York night time ask this spring.

Ray Myers