Realizing the American Dream – Can Technology Help?

Faculty and students gathered at the Berkley Center in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 12th for a discussion with Rev. Kenneth Bedell, who explored questions of American race relations and sociology in his newest book, “Realizing the Civil Rights Dream: Diagnosing and Treating American Racism.”

One Georgetown student, Andrea Su, commented that she was “really surprised at how much of an open discussion the Q&A section was. It was awesome to be able to engage in one discussion a reverend, a sociologist, and a handful of professors and students in some really raw and challenging questions on racism and racial injustice in this country. She hopes more opportunities like this one will come to Georgetown.” Fortunately, in our Information age, you don’t have to come to Georgetown to join in this discussion. Please feel free to visit the website posted below, and post any comments you may have. Additionally, with the many different information and communication technologies available to us today, you can also join in and continue this discussion in any type of social media you prefer.

Ray Myers

P.S. Please have a look at, podcast #018, where I discuss my “technology-free” Peace Corps years in India