How to Catch an Extremist?

Facebook used to be a fun place.  As we all well know, that is not necessarily the case today.  Unfortunately it has also provided a means for terrorist networking.  I know this is not the happy “talk” that I like to post on this site, but we can not afford to be naive in how social networking is being used.  But do you really think artificial intelligence will save us from this blight of hatred and terrorism in which Facebook seems to play a large part?  I am not very reassured from what I read on both sides of the equation.

Facebook representatives have said they were hopeful that the new artificial intelligence technology could be used to counter any form of extremism that violated the company’s terms of use, although for the time being it will be “narrowly focused.”  Representatives from the international freedom of expression group at the Electronic Frontier Foundation wonder if Facebook’s action will be effective or will it be overreach.  “Are they trying to discourage people from joining terrorist groups to begin with, or to discourage them from from posting about terrorism on Facebook.”  I guess the answer could be “both,” but I think that Facebook is still trying to minimize the use of its platform as a terrorist “social network.”

Let’s start somewhere.  This is a needed form of network censorship.

Ray Myers

One thought on “How to Catch an Extremist?

  1. I completely agree with you that this is a very alarming idea, but what people don’t understand is that it’s happening. I’ve heard so many that I know claim, “Oh no, that’s not real, Facebook just wants to increase security and censorship in order to monitor us and gather for information for the government… blah blah blah” when in reality, these social media sites are so large that it’s an ideal breeding ground for terrorism groups to recruit. I mean, I’m sure everyone knows how opinionated people can get on Facebook after this last election, but people also don’t understand that with thousands of posts being made per second, it’s so hard to detect these things without a large human staff solely dedicated to it. Change needs to be made.

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