The Woman Who Saved Medicaid – Technology and Health Data

Have you ever heard of Jini Kim?  I think her accomplishments in using technology and software to manage (save?) the Medicaid system in this country is no lesss than heroic.  Forget about your “super-dooper” technology giants and highly ranked government bureaucrats.  Jini Kim is the sister of an autistic brother who just knew how to make this all work in the “cloud.”  She single-handedly built a cloud-computing database of the nation’s 74 million Medicaid patients and their treatment.  Remember “,” that never really seemed to work as planned.  In late 2013, she was one of a small cadre of Silicon Valley technologists, called on to fix it.  Who knows what is going to happen now when this part of Obamacare seems to have been fixed, and the Trump administration wants to replace it – with what?

“The Medicaid system covers millions of working families, older people, children and people with disabilities.  In fact, 40 percent of Medicaid spending goes to the disabled.  Half of long-term care in America, mainly for older people is through Medicaid.  And nearly half of the children born in the United States are in the Medicaid system.”  Does this sound like a medical system that needs to be scrapped?  Replaced with what, when it just seems to have established itself as one of the most efficient health care systems in the country?

Thank you, Jini Kim.  You are simply a caring and concerned sister.  You are a shining example of how women need to break the “Glass Ceiling” in the male-dominated tech world.  (See last week’s post of January 2)

Ray Myers 


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