Put Me In Coach, I Have Accelerated My Recovery 

Well, it’s actually called an Accelerated Recovery Program (ARP).  And it’s a great way to spend your spare time between your professional athletic performances and preparations for your next game appearance.  Just buy yourself one of the ARP machines and plug in (or “tune in” in as they used to say in the 60s, sometimes followed by “drop out”).  But in this case, these guys are definitely trying to “tune in” to enhance their athletic performance.  Maybe it’s just an example of trusting the old adage, “it can’t hurt.”  But it just seems that no one really knows what it can do or actually does?

One professional ice hockey player described the treatment as “It doesn’t seem right, you know.”  He also added, “It’s weird to see what your muscle does when it’s on it, how it moves and contracts.  It doesn’t seem right.  Then once you figure out exactly what it’s doing and get some more information on it, then it starts to make sense.”  As a public service, manufacturers should let atheltes and the public know more, but there doesn’t seem to be much research around.  In all fairness, there has been one study at the University of Hawaii medical school, which found that ARP “significantly improves” quadriceps strength after ACL (anterior cruciate ligament/knee) surgery.  ARP will give you stronger (bigger?) thighs.

Your recovery will happen faster.  And as one recovering athlete noted: “I can watch TV and work out.”  I wonder what he would recommend watching?

Ray Myers


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