Make Car-Driving Fun Again!

Well, the assumption here is that the more technology we pack into our cars, the more fun we will have behind the wheel.  I am just not sure if this will happen.  Then again, I am not so sure Donald Trump will make America great again.  I like driving my car the old-fashioned way with the radio as the only “auditory aid” I have.  I guess some people consider that a distraction, but it does enable me to practice my vocal skills when no one else may be listening, except when my wife and/or other family members, friends are in the car.

I first heard about this expanding business venture when I read a news article about Pearl, a new Silicon Valley auto-accessory start-up staffed predominantly by former Apple employees.  Most of them wanted a different work environment where they could contribute to making the car America’s second home with nearly all the technological conveniences you may want.  I am not exactly sure if this was the primary motivation,  but it seems that most of the former Apple employees were also looking for a more collegial week environment.  Managers brief employees on coming products, company finances, technical problems, even the presentations made to the board.  What would Henry Ford say, or maybe this is what he had in mind all along.  In any case, the Pearl employees, making auto acessories seem to be enjoying their new “mission” that frees them from the secrecy and paranoia of the Apple days.

I am just wondering about how many accessories you really need on a car.  But maybe it is just a simple fact that we are spending so much more time in our cars that we need all these other conveniences to keep us alert?  I am still trying to master the backup camera.  I just find it hard to look at the dashboard to see what is behind me.

Ray Myers


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