Tech-free Friday – Breaking the Vatican’s Glass Ceiling

No, I am not talking about the Sistine Chapel here.  It’s all about announcing the appointment of the first female Director for the Vatican Museums in Rome. Pope Francis has chosen Barbara Jatta as the first woman to direct the Museums.  Dr. Jatta, 54, will take over on January 1, becoming the highest ranking female administrator in the Vatican. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, Dr. Jatta.  

She is no stranger to the Vatican bureaucracy. Dr. Jatta has been at the Vatican since 1996 as the curator of graphics in the prints department and head of the Cabinet of Prints in the Apostolic Library.  I don’t know that if, in her new role as Director of the Museums, she is planning to digitize all these documents.   Maybe that is why they put a woman in charge.  Someone with a fresh set of “eyes” and a twenty-first century outlook?

Congratulations again, Dr. Jatta. You have just joined a very exclusive men’s club.

Ray Myers


Happy Holidays, everyone. I will be celebrating the holidays over the next week with friends and family.  The TechtoExpress blog will resume on Monday, January 2


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