YouTube and Youth

You too can have your life recorded on YouTube.  This is apparently the rage among Genertion Z, the latest term for the earliest adopters of online video postings of daily activities, or whatever else seems to be their latest preoccupations.  Now when we are talking about “young people,” we really mean young, starting as early as three years of age.  Who needs to read or write anymore?   Well surely there is enough time in the day for people of all ages to multi-task and pursue as many “enrichment” activities as they want.  Or is there really?

The online reality of today seems to be that the posting of these videos and their production are just facts of life for growing up in the twenty-first century.  “Videos of kids simply acting as kids attract millions of viewers, sometimes billions.   Every moment of childhood – getting new roys, tagging along to the grocery store, making up games in their backyards – is material that can be recorded and uploaded.  So is it any wonder that the children who watch these videos begin to act as if their entire lives are being recorded, too?  For the youngest members of the Generation Z, the distinction between the online world and real life is fading.”

But why should I worry?  Let the kids express themselves in whatever medium they choose.  It’s not about how well they are able to do this, but the number of followers (millions?) they can attract.

Ray Myers


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