Let’s All Meditate – There’s an App for That!

Maybe I just didn’t try hard enough, but when I did try to meditate during my Peace Corps training days (headed to India, of course) I feel asleep.  Is that a form of meditation?  It was near dawn, lying in an open field in the hills of Vermont, when I began to relax (meditate?) so much that my body succumbed to a deep inner peace of sleep.  But now I know that you really don’t need those bucolic surroundings when all you need is the ability to download one of those handy apps on your mobile phone.  No more need to sync with the workings of the universe as the sun rises and sets around the world. 

You can find inner peace in the palm of your hand.  Okay, if you are really interested, here is one company’s (Headspace) sales pitch:  “By instructing people to focus their breathing and letting go of thoughts and emotions, users will be coaxed back to fuller engagement with the present moment.  In modern parlance, it is mindfulness – a quick, seculuarized adaptation of Buddhist teachings that have been distilled for a modern, Western audience.  A 10-day course on the app is free.  Annual subscriptions cost about $100.”

Please know that I am not promoting or advertising this app for “mindfulness.”  But let’s be honest.  You can find most almost anything you want on the web today.  Even inner peace?

Ray Myers


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