Tech-Free Friday – in the Holiday Spirit!

So let’s try something different for the holiday season (at least for the Fridays in December).   Just found this story about a beaver who broke into a local Dollar Store, and started trashing artificial Christmas trees and other seasonal displays.  I really don’t think he is an anti-Christmas curmudgeon like Scrooge, but I will let you be the judge.

The local Sheriff’s office was called and their report states that the “suspect attempted to flee the area,” but was apprehended by animal control and released to an animal rehabilitator – not just to be released into the wild, but also, it is hoped, to be taught basic shopping etiquette.  In a related tweet, the beaver was reported to have been rescued by animal control and released to wildlife rehabilitation.  What is wildlife rehabilitation?

Whatever it is, I hope that the beaver’s rehabilitation goes well, and that he/she can once again became a productive member of his local beaver community.

Ray Myers

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