Out of Africa – ICT in Teacher Development

I will be leaving Nairobi today.  I have already posted some commentary on the launch of the African Digital School Initiative (ADSI) earlier this week.  ASDI is actually part of Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI) broader efforts in the area of ICT in Teacher Development.  

GESCI has recognized the need is for a radical shift in teacher preparation towards school based professional learning and collaborative design approaches that are timely and relevant to teacher professional learning needs.  The requirement to reform and transform teacher education as on-going life-long engagement will be a critical challenge in post 2016 educational programming efforts.

Quality ICT-enabled teaching and learning can only occur in school environments which enjoy a positive ICT culture, has a basic level of digital equipment and where ICT use and integration is championed by the principal and senior staff.

GESCI’s focus of work for the period 2017-20 GESCI will work with governments, ministries of education partners and national institutions linked to teacher professional development.  Find out more about GESCI’s work in this area at:  http://gesci.org/our-work/ict-in-teacher-development/

I will be on travel the next few days, and will resume blogging on Monday, November 21.

Ray Myers

Nairobi, Kenya


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