How is Your Growth-Mind-Set?

Please don’t mistake this blog for an endorsement. This online intervention just seemed to strike a chord about how web-based technology tools could be valuable resources to a wider variety of students who do not have access to individual tutoring opportunities. Based on some preliminary research conducted at Stanford and The University of Texas, one of the most significant findings was that the greatest impact/improvement was greatest among black and Latino students.

Brain work will make you smarter, and perhaps one reason for the more positive results for minority students (surprisingly?) is that their classroom teachers are not directly involved.  These students are far more inclined to see teachers as prejudiced and school as a hostile environment.  In the virtual world of online tutoring, this perception, or reality, can be mitigated in the online environment.  Perhaps even more enhancing for these students is that these simple interventions can help remedy toxic self-doubt. The most significant finding may be that intelligence is malleable, not fixed, and that the brain is a muscle that can grow stronger with effort.

For more information about how the Growth-Mind-Set initiative is being implemented in one county in the U.S., please go to

Ray Myers

P. S.

Over the next few days, I will be traveling to Africa to participate in an Advisory Board meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. In a blog post last month I mentioned this organization and its pioneering work in empowering youth in Africa, and around the world, with the digital tools and skills needed in the Twenty-first Century: the Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative ( I will be posting my next blog from there on Friday, and into the following week.


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