Harasser-at-Large – Trump as Just One of the Boys

“The Donald” has taken locker room banter to a new (lower) level in the political arena.  Thanks to social media and his penchant for “tweeting” and saying whatever he wants to anybody at any time, he has become the country’s Harasser-at-Larger.  He is the undisputed champion of cyber bullying, but unfortunately many just see all this as a digital manifestation of the old adage, “boys will be boys.”  It is simply “locker room talk” as defined by Mr. Trump, not meant to be heard by the “weaker sex.”  But all this makes me wonder about which is truly the weaker sex?

Interestingly, recent research has shown that boys seem to be particularly sensitive – even more than girls – to social influenceces and role models who can help them overcome disruptive behaviors.  Conversely, by excusing bad behavior as a boy thing, boys get the message that they can not improve themselves.  But there are still opportunities for boys to improve behavior if the right cultural support is provided.  Gender studies’ authorities now say they have evidence that if you shift the discourse around boys and give them the cultural support they need to solve problems with strategies other than aggression and to express their feelings without being mocked, they respond like any human being.  So there is still hope that all of us MEN still have a chance to become human beings.

I am still not sure if all of this could help Mr. Trump in preparation for his debate tonight with Hillary Clinton.  But then again, who needs help if you are already “the Donald.”

Ray Myers



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