There Was an App for That!

“All the News That’s Fit to Print.”  Well, not exactly anymore, at least in its News App NYT Now.  As you may already know, the motto of the New York Times has run into some roadblocks in the digital age.  It’s all about the decline in the number of subscribers over the past year.  In May 2015, NYT Now had 334,000 total unique subscribers?  Over the last three months, the app averaged only 257,000 unique users.

So what is the Times to do?  Facebook and Twitter, baby!  No “Old Gray Lady” anymore.  The Times now has an audience development team that will be looking to third party platforms.  I guess it was just a matter of times(s?).  NYT Now is not the first app that the Times has retired.  In 2014, it shut down NYT Opinion because it failed to gain much traction.

Maybe some people still just like to read the printed newspaper?  In this case, it seems that the Times is chasing the digital audience, and there is nothing wrong with that.  But instead of printing all the news that’s fit to print, they may be only reporting the news that the digital reader wants to “fit?”

Ray Myers


Two weeks ago a new book was published on Amazon as well as other online book publishing formats. I authored one of the essays in this book: “Changed During the Sixties.” The book’s title is “Turning Points: Discovering Meaning and Passion in Turbulent Times.” I hope you will enjoy reading these essays about personal and professional transitions made during this time.


During the remainder of August, I will only be posting commentary on Mondays. I will be “resting” on Labor Day, but will resume my posts on a regular M-W-F basis on September 12.


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