Caught in the Digital Divide!

Now if we can just put presidential politics aside for a few moments, let’s talk about how you can really screw up when you are running for President, and are still a neophyte in protecting your online privacy in the digital world.  Yes, I am talking about Hillary, and I am not going to defend her, but “someone” should have known better.  Perhaps the only real lesson is that people on her staff while she was at the State Department just didn’t want to say “NO.”  Please trust me on this one!  We (bureaucrats and political appointees alike) all want to stay on the good side of the powers to be in DC.  Exceptions can be found.  I know it’s not suppose to be that way but a government bureaucracy is a big business and the people looking for advancement still want to keep the boss happy until the next one comes along (it may be a little tricky, but there are many career employees who are masterful at it).

So maybe all Hillary needed was some good tech support that could have made it all happen the way she wanted it too? But let’s be honest, trying to navigate between the best advice of techies and politicos in today’s hyper political seas will put you in some some uncharted waters.  Man the lifeboats!  

Technology and mastering its power to inform or misinform will be our most obvious challenge in the years ahead. Unfortunately, I think we are also creating “virtual environments” or worlds where reality doesn’t seem to matter.  I suppose we can also choose to live in these worlds of our own creation.  We then are not really caught in the digital divide, but are creating it!

Ray Myers


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