July 4th Fireworks Spark Online Outbursts!

As most readers of this blog already know, July Fourth celebrations in the U.S. include many officially sanctioned community and city organized pyrotechnic displays.  In addition, many individuals throughout the country set off their own fireworks displays as an expression of their patriotic spirit and celebratory mood, I guess.  Whether they obtained these fireworks legally or used other “pyrotechnic connections” to obtain them is always a fascinating topic around this time of year.  If you find these unofficial celebrations to be annoying or dangerous, you can express your outrage at the lack of law enforcement through the multitude of social media outlets available to you.

Perhaps one of the most common complaints was that the fireworks kept them awake.  “SOME of us actually have a job and have to get up in the AM.  Fireworks need to cease at 10 PM”, one DC resident complained.  Yes, right here in the nation’s capital, where the fireworks display is televised nationally, and beyond.  Too much noise late in the night for some hard-working people?  Okay, let’s be respectful of our neighbors’ rights to some serenity late in the day, but no more fireworks after 10 PM on the one day of the year celebrating the independence of the U.S.?

We should all be concerned about the illegal, and potentially dangerous, sale of fireworks to anyone who is not authorized to use them in a safe and responsible way.  But let’s not deprive other citizens and friends of their right to celebrate, express their patriotic spirit one day out of the year!

Ray Myers


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