It is All About Me!  Thank you, Apps.

I guess I was just born too early to take advantage of the wonders of self-promotion at a young age.  Back then, growing up in the post World War II generation, I was just hoping to find a few good friends to hang out with, meaning throwing or kicking a ball with other young aspiring male athletes (or at least we thought we were).  This trusted group  could include younger brothers or male relatives, only if they demonstrated some athletic prowess at an early age.  Girls?  Sorry, but before I became an emancipated male (took quite a while), I thought they genuinely enjoyed staying at home and cleaning and cooking for the hard-working, hard-playing male progeny. 

But then, with the dawning of the twenty-first century, and the growth of personalized technologies, the “playing field” became more level?  Just don’t take my word for it, look at all the new “stars” dominating the world of social media and you can thank the creation of “apps” as the primary medium for the promotion of this new cadre of young celebrities.  And they are young, energetic, and no longer just a boys club.  Recent data show that 74 percent of these app users are between the ages of 13 and 24, with estimates ranging from 90 to 200 million for different apps.  Now, with technology’s help, you too can be a star in the new century.

So many ways to promote oneself, and so little time.  I think I’ll just stick with doing this blog for now.  Thank you for reading, however young/old you are!

Ray Myers


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