Too Many Things for Men to Wear – Fashion or Image?

Believe me, I am no fashion critic, and I doubt that I am even “fashionable,” but enough about me.  It seems like the world of fashion is in turmoil these days thanks to the power and pervasiveness of social media in tracking the latest in fashion attire.  It apparently has the greatest impact on what men might choose to wear.  In the words of one esteemed fashion critic: “The present, at the moment, is in certain ways a pretty ugly place.”  Many of these “ways” we’re on full display in Milan at the recent 2017 Men’ Wear Spring-Summer Fashion Show.  

Many are pointing fingers at social media as being the culprit in this confusion about appropriate male attire.  I think you can simply go to sites like Google Images, Instagram or Pinterest to get an idea of the current cacophony of what men should wear.  Perhaps this commentary on the show by one reviewer will help describe it best: “he (one designer) has capitalized creatively on how people consume culture in the Internet era, rummaging for imagery and information, either ignorant or agnostic about the sources of signs and symbols, references and ideas.”  To be honest, I never really worried that much about my image over the years, other than that of being a bureaucrat which simply meant that I wore a tie with a suit or sportcoat every work day.  Such an “dress code” no longer seems to apply.

Maybe it’s all a good thing.  We are no longer slaves to convention or fashion.  Or are we still?

Ray Myers


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