A Joint Venture – Microsoft and Pot

I hope you like the title of this blog, and I am not even smoking anything while my fingers dance over the keyboard.  I stopped doing that years ago, but I still enjoy a couple cups of coffee every morning, so that is the extent of my “high” on this early Friday morning.  This story was actually front page news on the New York Times this morning, in the midst of all the tragic world news and mass shootings that dominate our online and print reporting.  So I think the news here is that one of our technology giants wants to make us feel a little happier?

Or maybe they are just helping an enterprising business venture come up with a better technological “solution” to a marketing strategy.  Perhaps it is just a matter of everything going to “pot” since Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer left Microsoft (sorry, I couldn’t resist).  I think Microsoft actually wants to stay as far away as possible from being a “facilitator” for marijuana sales but they obviously see a business opportunity here.  The entrepreneur who is the driving force behind this partnership with Microsoft has now begun dispensing marijuana through vending machines in some of the states where marijuana sales are allowed.  Far out!

I guess it was just all inevitable.  We do live in the land of the free and the brave.  So if we can buy pot in a vending machine, what’s next?  Beer?  I think you still have to “drive-through” for that.  Bummer!

Ray Myers





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