Net Neutrality Backed by U.S. Court

Web users in the U.S. can now breathe a little easier because of a recent circuit court ruling which prohibits broadband companies from blocking or slowing the delivery of internet content to consumers.  The key word in all of there deliberations and previous court rulings is the definition/declaration of internet broadband service as a “utility,” not a luxury for the American consumer.  This should be good news for anyone who shops, or just looks online, for comparisons of quality and/or price across different retailers.

The challenge for retailers, of course, is to remain competitive in the online marketplace which is rapidly replacing the “bricks and mortar” stores and shopping malls.  So the consumer remains “king” in shaping marketing strategies in the twenty-first century.  And business must now use those strategies that will be most convenient for the consumer to access information about their products and prices in the easiest way.

With net neutrality, this information will now continue to reach the broadest possible audience in a very personalized way, much to the delight of Internet giants like Google and Netflix.  In effect,  the court now interprets the internet as an essential platform for consumers!  For our youngest consumers, I’m sure they wonder how you could shop without it!

Ray Myers