In Your Face, Book – Internet Addiction Disorder?

The average American social media user spends about 50 minutes a day using popular communication platforms.  These include not only Facebook, but two other sites in their media family, Instagram and Messenger.  Most of these users are in the 18 – 34 age range prized by most media advertisers.  The measurement of time spent on any particular site has become the holy grail of digital media.  And finding ways to keep people on the site has become the most prized strategy or asset that potential advertiser can develop and employ. 

At the same time, some behavioral scientists are concerned that many people are developing Internet Addiction Disorder.  Although this “syndrome” is not an official medical designation of a behavioral disorder, it does seem to interfere with many other social interactions, and it does impact upon other media activities such as watching TV programs while sitting at home with family and friends.  Now you can do that by yourself with your handy mobile device wherever you maybe.  Those other people can be very distracting at times anyway.

FaceTime is great, and you really have control of when and where you use it.  It is a convenience that we would really find hard to live without, but it does depend on our technologically connectivity.  There are still also many other ways to keep up our human social connectivity.

Ray Myers


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