Put Me In Coach, I’m All Caught Up On My eMail!

It’s half-time of the big game at the NBA finals and each coach must be delivering a fiery exhortation to his team about how victory will be theirs at the end of the second half.  Now if he could just get them to put down their cell phones and hear his inspiring words.  Social media has obviously invaded the sports world, but in this case we are talking about the athletes and how many feel has become a powerful distraction in their efforts to perform in an optimum way.  Not to mention the millions of dollars that are being spent to support their players’ efforts to be competitive and build a winning franchise.

Some players have readily recognized these distractions in more philosophical terms.  New York Knicks’ Lou Amundson, a philosophy major in college, observes that society’s collective phone addiction hinders “pure interaction” and “intention-filled relationships.”  He thinks texting and social media divide a person’s energy in negative ways, and rues how the dopamine-loop associated with devices obliterates a person’s attention span.  I think that he has certainly gained a unique perspective on his life in professional sports and, by the way, he is 6’9″ tall (what they call a power forward(.

Perhaps the basic lesson here (and I am not trying to philosophize too much) is to live in the moment.  Halftime for a professional athlete at an NBA basketball game is not a time to forget about the game.  It can help you get a second wind both physically and mentally, if you put down your cell phone

Ray Myers


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