All the News That’s Fit to “Media-ate”

So how do you get you local news these days?  And are you really that interested?  National and international news reporting is becoming increasingly Internet or social media-based.  If you are really connected to your local community the old-fashioned way, you might be getting the local news from neighbors or merchants that you meet on a daily basis.  But I don’t think that is happening so much today.  Local news is being eclipsed by twenty-four house news cycles on television and the Internet.  Our first stop in finding out what is happening in our communities seems to be our favorite media news outlet, but your local news will not be the headline stories.  Remember when local or regional newspapers would land at your doorstep every morning and national and international stories would be updated on the evening news TV broadcasts?

I guess my age is really showing.  Why would any one have to wait?  The world is much “closer” now.  We can get the news any time we want, pretty much anywhere we may be.  But I believe that there is something in print news reporting that often can not be replicated by the media alone.  A well written news story that provides more background and context around current or past events can provide us with deeper understanding of the “news.”  I think that even the reporting about current presidential campaigns in the U.S. is becoming more a story about campaign conduct in general than about the candidates’ speeches or political positions.  Perhaps the media itself is creating this message more than they even realize (or they do realize in “selling” the news).

Maybe it is all about being entertained, and the electronic media knows how to do this best, and eagerly becomes its messenger.  Unfortunately  it takes time to read the newspaper, and if you do, you might find yourself becoming more interested in what is happening nor only around the world, but in your own backyard as well.

Ray Myers


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