Yoga or Virtual Reality?

I guess there are a lot of ways to obtain inner peace, or to let go of the material world in order to enter a more spiritual place.  Yoga seems to be the most popular alternative today.  And then of course, there is always virtual reality which is a whole other “place.”  It seems like creating and seeking these alternative realities is becoming a 21st Century obsession.  Whether you want to travel to an ashram in India, or immerse yourself in interactive technological experiences, the desired outcomes seems to be the same: literally or figuratively going to another “place” that is not your everyday reality.

Or maybe there are so many optional realities available to us today that we can chose to live in multiple realities in any given day.  And that seems to be true for most of us.  From the time we turn on the TV, or settle into our work-a-day routines, we become immersed in our personal “reality shows,” not to mention our connected networks of social media, etc.   But I may be getting a little carried away here.  The basic point of going to an ashram for a year is to leave our “normal” lives behind, and I am aware that this is a luxury that most of us can not afford to do.

I think I have some sense of what yoga can do for you in terms of introspection and meditation, but I am still at a loss for fully appreciating virtual reality?  Please understand that I am still a true believer that technology can change the world, but I think the hard part is understanding ourselves and how we live our lives in an ever-changing world.

Ray Myers


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