Cubicle Chic

No, I am not talking about decorating your office cubicle so that it will be the most admired work station in your building, but rather how you will look in your new sartorial splendor.  For just $139 monthly, you will be able to borrow three items of office clothing, and then swap them whenever you want.  Now why didn’t I think of that during all those years I worked in a government bureaucracy?  Even though I was lucky enough to inhabit a real office with four walls and a door for many of those years, it was becoming clear that open cubicle environments were the new wave in office space management (I am not really sure why?)

Now you and your daily apparel will be more on display for everyone to see.  My usual attire consisted of a navy blue blazer, dress shirt and a variety of ties that may have had some relevance to the changes of the seasons and celebrations of holidays.  The slacks were usually gray.  (Sometimes a suit for special meetings, comferences, etc.) Lighter weight clothing was worn in the spring and summer months, but the  colors were still the same.  And then “casual Fridays” came along and I basically opted out since I was very comfortable in my office uniform routine.  Maybe it was all those years of Catholic schooling?

Just think of what a different man I would be today with online websites and apps like “Rent the Runway” and “Unlimited.”  I could create a whole new office image, but I would still be working in a cubicle?

Ray Myers


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