Fitbit or Jump Rope?

I feel a “bit” more fit after spending most of the last two weeks in Florida where the sun was shining and the temperatures were just right for time at the pool and beaches.  Unfortunately, I did not have my handy Fitbit with me so I could not track all my healthy mobility activities (sometimes you just need a break).  But I am quite confident that I met or exceeded my daily goal of 10,000 steps or more.  What did I ever do before I had this little technological gem?

Then I read this article in the Sunday (3/20/16) New York Times which talked about intuitive feedback vs. the data that a little technology can record and report on a daily basis.  You don’t have to worry since this little device will do it for you.  I just have to remember to “plug” it in to my computer to charge it.  Now if you really want to get more analytic about this whole process, here is a comment that might be helpful or inconsequential to you as a  Fitbit user:  ” . . .  when you’re running, instead of speeding up or slowing down based on immediate and intuitive feedback from your body and environment, you’re inserting an unwieldy extra cognitive step that relies on checking your device as you go.”  So I guess jumping rope just seems like a much simpler way of counting your steps or jumps?

Of course, please remember to count as you jump, or have someone count for you.  Doing all this will make counting steps or jumps more labor intensive, and it would not just be you and your Fitbit that would truly know how tech-savvy and healthy you really are.

Ray Myers


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