Achtung!  Defeat Device Software in Your VW

Now I know I wrote about too much tech in your car on Friday and how that is becoming an aggravation for many new car buyers, but today I am writing about some software that might help car owners pass those bothersome emission inspections in countries around the globe.  Thus the term “defeat device” for this handy mechanism that will reduce your anxiety whenever  your car might be subjected to some form of tailpipe exhaust testing.  Unfortunately, having  this software in your car may cause you more headaches than when you simply failed car inspection in the past.  It might be more analogous to having passed an examination in school and then being caught for cheating.

What to do?   I am not sure anybody really knows what the resolution of this corporate deception will be.  I can remember a much simpler time when I drove a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle with the engine in the rear, and a sunroof on the top.  A real deluxe model for the time with an AM radio, and turn signals that flashed in whatever direction you wanted to go (earlier 60s models had semaphores that would warn other motorists and pedestrians of which direction you would be turning, Google if you like).

And I think we were not so worried about car emissions back then.  Gas was ridiculously cheap (I’ll let you Google that too).  I may be getting a little nostalgic here, but I am not really interested in going back in time.  It was fun while it lasted, but I think saving Mother Earth is a priority now, over half a century later.

Ray Myers


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