Too Much Tech in Your Car?

So I am not really alone in struggling with mastering all of the “technology options” in my relatively older 2013 BMW.  It seems that the more technology options are added to your car driving experience, the more technology “problems” appear.  Please allow me to present the official analysis of this situation as described by the lead analyst for the Kelley Blue Book (U.S. “Bible” for estimating used car value). “Technology keeps moving and adding more capability, which keeps the manufacturers running to integrate these new things to be competitive.  But then they are redoing the interface so that all those new things can be added, versus having an interface that’s fairly stable for a few years in a row.”  Well I’m glad that we have finally cleared this all up?

Now for all you technology aficionados out there, you will be interested in knowing that the newer vehicle you drive will have a 100 million lines of computer code, 10 times more than that of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  You may actually have to learn  more about operating your car than an airline pilot, just kidding, but you will still might get that “cockpit feeling.”  Of course, many drivers may actually be seeking a “Star Trek” experience as they glide over America’s highways and byways.

I still really do like to look at the road (sometimes defensively) when I am driving and enjoy the scenery as the seasons change, even on familiar routes that I travel many times a year.  Now if I had a more elaborate “instrument cluster” on my dashboard, maybe I would become more interested in watching that and become a better driver?

Ray Myers


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