Screen Test for College?

Well I really don’t know if this would have helped me in the college application process those many years ago.   I was one of the fortunate few who were accepted sight unseen, and also benefitted from some geographical diversity.  Now if I had applied by submitting a two-minute video, who knows what would have happened?  I guess I was just born too late, and maybe the video wouldn’t have really helped me that much.  But we did have “home movies.”

My father used to make “home movies” (8mm) as we called them back then, and I could have submitted many scenes of me participating in family gatherings around holiday times throughout the year.  As a matter of fact, they could have seen the whole family, including many “happy” aunts and uncles who were just dying to get in front of the camera and demonstrate their newfound screen personas.  I am not sure that the few glimpses of me dancing with cousins or roughhousing with my brothers could have been that persuasive.

I wonder what that my college Admissions Office would have learned from watching how all my relatives (and me) behaved at these family get-togethers.  Maybe a little too much “cinema verite” than is needed to gauge chances of potential collegiate academic success.  At the same time they may have learned much more about my family than they may had ever really wanted to know.

Ray Myers

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