Tweet Like It’s 2007 or Not?

Unfortunately for all you Twitter fans, I don’t think you will be able to go back to the good old days (monthly growth is stalling).  I know we all had fun learning how to tweet with all our hashtags, acronyms, retweets, etc., but somehow we may be astonished to learn that people seem to prefer more explicit expressions of their own or other’s thoughts, comments, and ideas.  Blogging seems to be on the rise as one of the more expansive methods of online expression.   And of course there is always Instagram, FaceTime, YouTube and other apps that enable us to hear and see whatever the “message” may be.  Anybody remember Marshall McLuhan?  (You may want to look him up).

Twitter will never die, and I am confident that Jack Dorsey and company will figure out a way to stay competitive in the   crowded world of online messaging.  I think that the good news for all of us is that traditional language structure and expression has carved out a niche in our electronic age.  At least, let’s hope so.  Many friends and acquaintances, however, who are still teaching in both traditional and online settings, are concerned with students’ deteriorating writing skills.  And who will be the future English (or any language) teachers/writers of tomorrow?

I think they are out there, and we will all know them when we see (read) them.  So maybe Twitter’s waning popularity is not bad news.  It was certainly something that I learned to do at an advanced age (?).  It was fun and still is, but let’s remember that communication with one another is more than just sending out 140 character electronic messages.

Ray Myers


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