Make Me Fit, Fitbit

This little bit of technology has become quite the rage among the “sporterati.”  Most people wear it on their wrists so they can easily be identified as among the more health conscious.  Me, I carefully place it in my pants pocket of whatever I happen to be wearing on any given day, or in my tennis shorts when playing throughout the year.  This is not necessarily a personal preference but one that I quickly adopted to ensure that I would not keep losing it.  I am referring to the early Fitbit “miniature” that was designed to clip onto your belt so that you could display it proudly.  The wristband model now seems to be the most popular, and is available in a variety of colors which clearly makes it more of a fashion statement that the little black Fitbit that I hide in my pocket.

I can now track the number of steps I take very day, and surprisingly this has become a very important part of my day, but some people complain that it adds more stress to their daily routines.  They may just like to walk for fun, but now with Fitbit they become more focused on quantitative outcomes at the expense of their own personal enjoyment.

I think this may be good advice.   The real issue may be the extent to which your “stepping” activity involves interaction with others.  I do take walks alone on most days, but I do prefer and enjoy the companionship of others when strolling around the neighborhood.  Similarly, tennis doubles is an activity that I enjoy for the exercise and the collegiality of the players.  I have also noticed that most foursomes now have wristband Fifbits secured around their wrists.  I still keep mine in my pocket.

Ray Myers


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