To Tweet or Not to Tweet?  Why Not Facebook or Instagram?

What a dilemma!  To be honest, I started tweeting before I tried Facebook or Instagram.  Now I am primarily using the latter two to “stay in touch.”  I use WordPress (TechtoExpress) to write this blog, and then have it posted to Twitter and Facebook.  Instagram is something that I like for more personal reasons of sharing photos with family and friends.  As newly developed social media platforms become available it seems that the trusty Twitter network does not have the same appeal that it used to.  Even Twitter’s Jack Dorsey has admitted that they “had lots of work to do to make the service easier for regular people.”

Now I consider myself a regular (albeit older) person interested in social media, and I largely spent the last three and a half years of my government service using Twitter to highlight the impact of technology in educational systems throughout the U.S., and in other countries.  In many ways, it was like learning a code that quickly developed its own abbreviations, acronyms, hashtags, etc., that could all be crafted into a 140 character tweet.  It was a new language, and before I retired from the Department of Education, we had a following of over 70,ooo worldwide.  I think the visual imagery that can be more easily shared on Facebook and Instagram do make them a media service “easier for regular people to use.”   Maybe social media’s use of visual imagery has more of a permanent appeal than the often confusing and changing code terms used by Twitter users?   These images also have a more universal appeal that transcends language differences.

I guess we will have to see what happens with Twitter.  The company has launched a campaign to work with developers in designing a new platform(s) that, I hope, would go beyond “0ne size fits all.”

Ray Myers


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