Hershey Sweetens Its Candy With Technology

Retailers clearly recognize that they must begin to harness new technologies to stay relevant  – and boost sales.   Even candy companies recognize that the market place has changed and that they need to retrofit the shopping experience for today’s customers.  Candy giant Hershey is already integrating new technology in its store displays in an effort to enhance its sales approach.   They have even incorporated facial-recognition technology in their machines dispensing free pieces of chocolate.

When shoppers smile they are dispensed a free piece of chocolate. Sorry chocolate lovers, the technology is able to recognize when you try to come back for seconds!  Hershey is also testing ways it might use technology to personalize its treats, as shoppers increasingly seem interested in one-of-a-kind products.  For example, they have rolled out machines that allow shoppers to personalize the packing of an over-sized Hershey Kiss.  The customer/consumer becomes the designer of the candy packaging itself.  Companies are using technology to make the shopping experience a more memorable experience than simply a mundane errand.

I can remember the old sales campaign slogan “This Bud’s for you!”  Arguably, beer and alcoholic beverages in general may not be the best rewards for many reasons, but who can resist a candy Kiss just made and wrapped for them!  FYI, Hershey has also been able to double the sales of associated Kiss products in stores.  And Valentine’s Day 2016 is just around the corner.

Ray Myers


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