Face Time With Donald Trump!

Donald Trump has certainly brought a new dimension to our Presidential debates.  We are still a long way off, but the Donald’s performance in contrast to his Republican rivals has set him apart as he eschews the prescribed decorum for listening politely to opponents in favor of facial mimicry and animated body language.  I am not sure where he learned all these “upstaging” moves.  Maybe when he was hosting the “Apprentice” on TV, he realized the image he created there was more intriguing than the show’s predictable format: who gets to survive in the big city.  He was in charge and had the power to say “You’re fired!”

It all just seems like Donald and his fellow Republican candidates are living in an alternate reality.  A reality that technology has helped build through the emergence of popular social media platforms, and also through the application of visual imagery capable of producing a message that is worth a thousand tweets.  It’s all about the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).  Please have a look at Trump Faces GIF on the Internet.  No need to debate, just make a face!

Maybe it’s all still on the eye of the beholder, and Trump is leading a new trend for politicians to show their true feelings using facial expressions and body language in more creative ways.  Forget about your debating coaches.  Just get a mirror and try on some new faces.

Ray Myers

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