Apps’ Voices and Stereotypes

Call me Julie, Amanda, Sarah, Emily, etc., but don’t call me Ray.  I guess a male voice could be an option for apps to use, but it seems that app developers have done their homework and the female voice sounds like the winner.  I am not sure that all of this analysis is scientifically-based, but there appears to be good body of anecdotal information to support it.  If you have been keeping up with your media studies, most of this may already be very apparent.

Technologies speak with recorded feminine voices because “women weren’t normally there to be heard.”  A woman’s voice stands out.  For example, an automated recording of a woman’s voice used in cockpit navigation becomes a beacon,  a voice in stark contrast with that of very one else, when all the pilots on board are men.  There’s a maternal edge to all of it.  It is personal guidance rather than definite directions?

After all is said and done, as an individual app user you can probably still pick the gender of the voice you would like to hear.  I am not even going to discuss which one I personally prefer.  I guess you will have to ask my wife or daughter.  Merry Christmas everyone!  Enjoy this time with family and friends.

I’ll be back next Monday, the 28th.

Ray Myers


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