If I Only Had a Brain!

Well don’t worry any more, Mr. Scarecrow.  There’s always artificial intelligence.  And as long as you have the necessary visual acuity you will now be able to recognize all the hand written characters from as many as fifty different languages!  I guess the hard part may be carrying around the lap top (mobile device?) that contains the software or other assistive programs you may need, but there are many mobility experts that can help today.  I do not know how many languages they may speak or write in Oz, but you will surely be in better shape than you were before.

Mr. Scarecrow may find that all these advances will make him a little nostalgic for the good old days when he would ramble down that yellow brick road with Dorothy and the gang, but I know that he will enjoy the independence this new technology brings.  It will change his life just as technology has changed all of our personal and professional lives in the twenty-first century.

Experts note that such advances in artificial intelligence and robotics reflect an intensifying focus in Silicon Valley.   I think that this focus will be of great future benefit to all people in every corner of the globe.

Ray Myers


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