Advertising Digitally – Less TV Ads?

I’ve got some good news and some bad news.  It actually may be all good or all bad depending on your perspective, but here’s how things seem to be going.   Business advertisers in all fields realize that reaching their potential customer base may involve more investment in more digital outreach.  If you would like fewer commercials on TV, this will be the good news.  But if you would not like receiving more digital advertising on your computers and laptops, this will be the bad news.

Advertising experts expect this all to happen over the next couple years.  And if you think having a mobile device will exempt you from this advertising tidal wave, I am sorry to inform you that it is only a matter of time (unless you really like getting all these ads).  By 2018 mobile ads will account for 50.2 percent of Internet advertising, surpassing desktop ads for the first time.  Why waste money on TV advertising, when I can send you an ad that will be delivered to the mobile device in your pocket or purse?

Probably safe to say that most people will be looking at their mobile phones more than they will be watching TV.  It’s just a matter of time.  But I have forgetten that we live in the age of multi-tasking.  Why not do both?

Ray Myers


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