Meditation – There’s an App for That!

Well I think we have truly come full circle.  Personalized technology that can help you meditate, and keep you motivated?  Please don’t get me wrong, but I am not sure that is what meditation is supposed to do.  For example, the apps’ creators say that one of the most challenging problems in learning to meditate is remembering to do it.  If I remember correctly from my time living in India, and trying to meditate myself, it is that you were attempting to “suspend” time, and become part of another more spiritual and “universal” world.  I think that there were also more preferred times of the day to meditate that conformed with astronomical cycles.

Thanks to these apps you can now receive motivational alerts and track your progress in meeting personal meditation goals.  And in an effort to make this experience even more personalized, you can receive all this information in any voice and tone you prefer.  Some feature female American voices.  Others have a mix of male and female voices with British and American accents, so you may like some better than others.  

Now you can really customize your meditation experience.  Some experts proclaim that the voice you hear could be the determining factor in the meditation experience.  What about the voice inside your head?

Ray Myers

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