Digital Motion Sickness – Too Much Sensory Stimuli?

Some people call it cyber sickness and I hope you don’t get it, but there is something you can do to avoid it.  Stop staring too long at your computer or smartphone graphics.  But there is also help on the Web that literally might bring you some relief.  I hate to bring this up so close to having your annual Thanksgiving feast, but if you plan to watch movies over this holiday season, you may want to visit (I am not kidding).  This site rates movies on how likely they are to make you feel sick!  I would avoid those.

You can also search mobile device and gamer forums to see postings for advice on how to engage with the latest operating systems and interfaces without throwing up.  Sounds like some pretty helpful advice, but I wonder what it really is?  I guess you can “tone down” the visual stimuli for these games, and hope that you can hold down your last meal.  I would suggest not trying this after eating your Thanksgiving dinner.  

Some researchers have noted that digital motion sickness has been kind of swept under the rug in the tech industry.  Others call for long-term studies to understand the full impact.  It’s a natural response to an unnatural environment.

Ray Myers

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!  I’ll be back next Monday with more “TechtoExpress.”

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