My Fitbit and Me

I keep it in the front pocket of my jeans, shorts or pants, depending on the season, or wherever I may be going.   If I am playing tennis, for example, it is tucked away in my back pocket.  I used to clip it to my belt or belt loop, but that became a problem when it too easily slipped out of its little pouch and fell to the ground.  I guess you can tell by now that I have become very attached to my little step-counting friend, Mr. Fitbit.

Seems like most people proudly display their Fitbits.  But I think I have gotten very comfortable with knowing that mine is very safely secured in some pocket of whatever I may be wearing.  Maybe I just don’t want everybody to know that I am secretly a step-counter trying to meet my daily goals.  Not that there’s really anything wrong with that, is there?

Some business professors lend cautionary advice: “people need to manage their relationship with the technology and not become dependent on it.”  It may become more about reaching goals than doing what’s good for you.  I am really not sure how this could actually happen, but I guess you could physically exhaust yourself in taking too many steps in one day? And you really can’t let that little Fitbit be the only measure of how your whole day went.

Ray Myers


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